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Теми письмового повідомлення для ДПА 2019 / 9 клас

Завдання для Державної підсумкової атестації з англійської мови

(розгорнута відповідь, третє завдання)


You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend. This is a part of it: ...Oh, my friend is so charming! Everybody in the class is ready to help her. But, you know,
I sometimes think she is just using people to get what she wants... Write a letter (not less than 40 words) and answer his/her 3 questions.


•     What kind of person is your best friend?
•     When and where did you meet?
•     How do you spend time together?


...My best friend had s birthday party last weekend. We went on a picnic. There were many guests and it was great

  • And when is your birthday?
  • How do you usually celebrate it?
  • What present would you like to get for your next birthday?


The number of mobile phones in Ukraine is twice as many as the number of people.

  • Explain why people prefer to have mobile phones
  • prove that mobile phones have changed the life of teenagers.
  • Describe what you personally use your mobile phone for.


Imagine you’re doing a project on eating habits and customs in Ukraine.

  • Describe what the traditional meals in Ukraine are.
  • Explain why you like Ukrainian cuisine.
  • Tell how you cook your favourite Ukrainian dish



People live at different places all over the world.

  • Describe your living situation to a friend.
  • Tell if it is comfortable to live there and mention the location and the conveniences.
  • Explain if you like the place where you are living.


Imagine you are going to create your own personal website.

  • Describe what kinds of information you will put on it
  • and why.
  •  Point out who would be your target audience.



What school subject will be the most helpful in your future career?

  • Mention what favorite subjects you have at school and
  • clarify how the knowledge of this subject might influence your future.
  • Describe what your attitude to the subject depends on.



Imagine that an English-speaking friend is coming to stay with you for the first time for a week in July. Describe:

  • the type of weather he/she can expect and
  • clothes he/she should take;
  • what you’re planning to do together when he/she comes.



Your family is moving. You are not sure as to whether to move out to the country or into the city. Dwell upon:

  • the advantages
  • and disadvantages of both;   
  • the problems you might have living in a big city or in the country.



Describe a visit to a place that you will always remember.

  • Write what place it was and describe it.
  • Describe what you were doing there
  • and explain why you will remember it.


Describe your favourite actor/actress.

  • Say what you like about him/her.
  • Compare this person with other actors/actresses
  • and explain why your choice is the best. 


Remember a book you have recently read on your own initiative,

  • Tell about its genre, title, and author,
  • Describe where the plot is set, who the main characters are, what the content of the book is
  • and explain why you liked the book.



People often keep their favourite animals as pets.

  • Mention if you have ever kept a pet and what problems you had.
  • Explain why lots of people keep animals as pets,
  • and why some like to have unusual animals.


Imagine you have a chance to travel back in time,

  • Describe the time and the place where you travel to.
  • Explain why you choose that time and place above all others.


Imagine that you are given a chance to go on a one-day tour to Great Britain or the USA.

  • Name the places where you would choose to go and why.
  • Compare the place you would like to visit with a similar one in Ukraine.


Many spare-time activities are a valuable use of time outside school.

  • Describe what your favourite spare-time activity is and
  • how long you have been doing it.
  • Explain why you enjoy doing it.


What sport is of the greatest interest to you? Why?

  • Name the sport you are good at or the sport you enjoy watching and
  • explain why you like it.
  • Prove the importance of going in for sports and mention the role of sport in the life of people.


Exercises make you stronger, happier, and smarter. Dwell upon:

  • if you agree or disagree with that statement;
  • what you can do to make your lifestyle healthier.


Imagine you work for a television company. Present a report about young people’s television-watching habits.

  • Mention TV channels and programmes popular among teenagers.
  • Describe good and bad aspects of television,
  • its influence on young people.


...I’ve just been to Australia. I saw kangaroos and koalas! I even learned surfing at one of the Australian beaches! That was unbelievable! I definitely want to go there again!

  • Where did you spend your last summer?
  • What was the weather like?
  • What did you like most about it?



...What a task to read books all summer! And the list is so long! I like reading but …  

  • Do you like reading?
  • What kind of books do you like to read?
  • Do you think an electronic book is a good choice when you’re travelling in the summer, why?


Yesterday we met up with a swimming star to talk about sport in everyday life. The way he spoke about being a teenager was funny. He said he didn’t like getting up early!...

  • When do you get up in the morning?
  • What do you do to keep fit?
  • Would you like to go in for sports, why?



My granny is such a kind person. She always brings us presents for everything we celebrate. And I love all her presents. For example, at Christmas she gave me the coolest computer game, it was something I had been dreaming of...

  • What holidays do you celebrate with your family?
  • What is your favourite holiday and why?
  • What is the best present you’ve ever received?


... Last year I started learning Ukrainian. It’s a very difficult language but I’m trying my best. I’d like to come to Ukraine one day to practise it....

  • Which season would you recommend for the trip?
  • What places are worth seeing in Ukraine?
  • What region would you recommend to visit, why?


...As you know, I am a tennis club member. I go there regularly but my best friend doesn’t want to do any sports

  • Should people do sports, why?
  • What sports do you like?
  • What do you do in your PE lessons?


...I’m a bit angry with my mother. Our parents are very busy with their work, and we have to do a lot to help about the house. My brother usually does the shopping and walks our dog and I...

  • What housework do you usually do?
  • who is the busiest person in your house ?
  • Where would you like to live: in a big city or in the countryside, why?


A teen magazine has asked you to share the ideas (not less than 40 words) on visiting a museum.

•    What do people need the museums for?
•    What museum have you recently visited?
•    What impressed you most of all?


Your teacher has asked you to write a brief note (not less than 40 words) about the necessity of English for your future career. This is the plan to help you:

•    What are you going to do for living?
•    Do you think English will be necessary for your future career, why?
•    What do you do to learn the language better?



A teen magazine has asked its readers to write an article (not less than 50 words) giving suggestions on how to avoid stress before exams. Use the plan to help you:

•    suggest the proper timetable
•    mention the healthy ways of keeping fit
•    suggest the proper diet



You saw this advertisement for a job in the local newspaper. Write a letter (not less than 50 words) applying for the job. Use the plan below to help you:


Reliable and hard-working teens (16+) for weekend shift work at a local supermarket. Must have good organizational skills and be able to work as part of a team.

Apply in writing to Mrs.Trey, Trey Supermarket, 52 Lance Ave., Boston

•   age / experience
•   qualifications
•   how it matches your personality type



Your teacher has asked you to write a brief note (not less than 40 words) about the ecological problems in your region. Use the plan to help you:

•    What ecological problems are the most serious in your country?
•    What can teenagers do to make their hometown cleaner?
•    Would you like to live in a big city or in the country, why?


Share your views (not less than 40 words) about the English proverb “There’s no bad weather, there’re bad clothes'!” This is the plan to help you:

•  Do you agree with the English proverb about bad weather and bad clothes, why?
•    What clothes do you prefer to wear out of school?
•    What are your favourite colours for clothes?


...I really think we spend too many years at school I had to go to primary school at the age of four and my schooling is going to last till I am sixteen! When I’m sixteen, I can leave school and go to a vocational school, college or take apprenticeship, but it’s too long anyway.

•    What age do children go to school in your country?
•    What exams do you have to pass?
•    What are the options after leaving school?


A teen magazine has asked its readers to share the ideas on youth and subcultures. Use the plan to help you. (Write not less than 50 words)

  • What is “Subculture”?
  • How do teens try to express themselves?
  • What youth cultures do you know?


You have recently moved to another town. This is part of a letter you received from a friend. Write a reply (not less than 50 words).

  • Hope you like the new area.
  • Have you made any new friends?
  • What about your new classmates?



Send an e-mail to your English pen-friend (not less than 50 words) about your school life. Use the plan:

•   what time do classes start/finish?
•   what facilities does your school have?
•   are you planning any further studies?


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