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Shopping in London
Hamleys - Сім поверхів магазину іграшок для дітей і головного болю для батьків,

Hamleys is one of the grandest and most famous toy stores in the world, and attracts around five million visitors every year. It all began in 1760 as “Noah’s Ark”, when William Hamley set out to open the best toy shop in the world.                

Hamleys is spread over seven floors, and has far more to offer than a simple toyshop. With an enormous selection of toys and games for babies and children of all ages, as well as gadgets, electronics and collectibles for those who are a little more mature, each floor has a different theme to make navigation simple.
The basement is home to interactive toys, electronic games and gadgets, and construction sets such as LEGO and Meccano. The ground floor is dedicated to soft toys, ranging from very small to life-sized animals. On the first floor there are hundreds of board games, the science section and the outdoor toys. The second floor has everything for babies and preschoolers, and the third is a girls’ world, complete with dolls, dressing up and arts and crafts. The fourth floor is devoted to hobbies, with remote controlled vehicles, train sets and cars, and on the fifth there are the action figures, as well as a very family-friendly café.

Selfridges - Гламур, розкіш, якість!
Selfridges is one of the world's finest department stores. The shop has six floors, 11 places to eat, two exhibition halls and countless services. From high fashion to hi-fi, wardrobe co-ordination to wedding lists, it's every shop you'll ever need.

Luxury lovers should visit the ground floor Wonder Room, that range from jewellery to sunglasses.
The store is also home to the world's biggest-ever denim department, with nothing but jeans. Housing more than 11,000 pairs of jeans, shoppers can choose from over 60 brands, from Primark to Christopher Kane. Personal shoppers and product specialists can help you find that perfect pair of jeans, while an interactive area has lookbooks and fit guides

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